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You must avoid be fired. Frenetic and difficult game where you have to answer phone and check files according to the call as soon as possible. But you are not alone...Your bosses and fellows will be there too to make it a bit more difficult. Good luck. Try hard with this challenging game created by The AfroMonkeys.


Jack Nolddor @nolddor

Mun @Moonwatchermd


Daniel Nevado @DanySnowyman 

Felipe Monge @vakapp

Music & Sfx



Alfonso Martínez @_SrPresley_ 

Install instructions

By downloading this game I accept that I will not use it or any part of it to exploit it commercially. The physical edition of this game can only be done by PlayonRetro

This is a demo. Complete game will be launch physically and digitally soon.


Zooming Secretary GOING PANIC Megadrive SegaGenesis DEMO.bin 640 kB