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Didn't know the original, but find this game both fairly nice to play regarding gameplay and also good looking due to the refreshed graphics and music. yay \o/

muy buen juego,le tenia mucho cariño al original,pero este sobrepaso todo,gracias

muchísimas gracias. 🥰🥰🥰

The Black Edition graphics are so good! Thanks!

Paid for - downloaded - now time to make a video !

Thanks to all! We updated to 1.1 with your great feedback. 💪

Completed the game and found no more bugs, only the ones already reported. The bug in the door happens in some others, as you are able to cross them. Maybe a hidden block between the doors and roof / ladders / floorwill prevent that.

Hello; Thanks a lot. I reported to Salva to have a look. We really appreciate your support and help. If we can, we will solve all those possible problems and make a better game to enjoy!

Sent you a mail reporting a bug in door 3 (screen 1)

This is really really good, very "MSX" feel for some reason. Nice to see some of the problems with the original (like the stupid fall-damage) fixed making the game play better.

Bug report: my "Key 1" seemed to vanish after I picked it up on Screen 12 meaning I couldn't open its door.

Also: I miss the portholes, they were an important part of the atmosphere for me in the original.

I will review it but at the moment I have not been able to reproduce the problem. Thank you very much for reporting the bug